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Now Offering:

Complete Website lifecycle Assistance

Affordable Websites+++Updates

+++Content SEO+++

Website Lifecycle Services

Website Concept & Design

>>Build your website infrastructure and insert your product content

Domain Name and Hosting1

>>Put your site on the internet

Content Optimization

>>Fine tune the content to match your product KEYWORDS and assist Search Engine indexing.

>>Develop search Ad Campaigns as needed to increase visibility of the website

Updates & Renovations

>>Affordable and Responsive changes to your website

>>Keep your site up-to-date and accurate:
Offer Sales and Promotions to keep clients coming back.

End of Life phase out or Mission Change

>>Alter the site for new products, approaches or say thanks and goodbye to customers ( may it never happen but...)

Note [1] From 3rd party providers- we can: recommend where and what; setup account.

Manage Domain & Hosting Accounts-
(as required)

If you are not used to it this can be a frustrating process!
We can:

  • Recommend Domain Name(s) from options available
  • Recommend Domain Name(s) and Hosting Sources
  • Name Server setup
  • Email setup
  • FTP file transfer setup
  • Upload all Files for Website
  • Verify all functions activated and Working
  • List Site with Google Webmaster Tools for monitoring

Flexible & Affordable Ongoing Website Support

Reasonable, Moderate Website costs with options for Maintenance and Updates-

Customers with Existing Websites Welcome!

Chooose from "As Needed" Work at our low hourly Rates or save with Monthly Contracts

Special Package


  • 3-4 Pages (As Needed)
  • Images OR Animated Gifs
    - up to 6/Page[ user supplied]]
  • 10 External Links/Page max.
  • Unique Text-Based Logo
  • Domain Name Registered (Owner Paid)
  • Uploaded to Host of Your Choice (Owner Paid)


[+GST if applicable]