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All websites on today's internet should be"Mobile Friendly" as many if not a majority of visitors will be using some sort of movile device. Mobile Friendly sites can use one of two main concepts:

  1. 1. Re-Direct to a Mobile-Only version of the website:
    • Note: Not a copy-this is a scaled down version of the Desktop site with key information in placard format.
    •   Most useful when a complete Desktop site already exists
  2. 2. A Responsive Website wherein the coding changes the presentation of the site to suit the visitors' viewing platform.
    •   (This website is Responsive)

NEW-Just Hosted!

MALPHEASIO.COM-a Responsive Website

GRA'S Latest (Responsive) Website:

A New XMAS Eve Story for children Good and Bad:
Malpheasio: A New XMAS Book Classic


Both methods have their pros & cons depending on your requirements and current situation. We have used both methods effectively, and will help you decide what you want.